Bibliometric analysis and mapping of the benefits and challenges of cloud ERP systems

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Şahinaslan, Önder
Şahin, Ahmet
Şahinaslan, Ender
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İstanbul Üniversitesi
Enterprise resource planning is an effective tool in achieving management goals. Cloud ERP systems and applications are platform-independent offerings of this management tool in a cloud environment. This study was carried out to make sense of the advantages, difficulties and relationships of the cloud ERP system with scientific studies. For this purpose, the Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar databases and the Publish or Perish, WOSviewer and Excel applications were used. Statistical analysis, text mining, word network association, visual mapping and trend analysis were performed. As a result of the analysis, it was found that the total rate of publications produced in the last 3 years was 43%, the most cited work was Springer (20%) and the country was the USA (10%). It was determined that the three most frequently used keywords were ‘cloud ERP’, ‘ERP system’ and ‘ERP’. A strong correlation was found between ‘study’ and ‘challenge’ in text mining. The challenge was closely related to ‘SMEs’, ‘data’, ‘provider’, ‘technology’, ‘literature’ and ‘cloud environment’. In recent studies, the concept of ‘cloud ERP implementation’ in SMEs has come to the fore.
Cloud ERP , Information systems , Bibliometric analysis , Text mining , Visual mapping
Şahinaslan, Ö., Şahin, A., Şahinaslan, E. (2002). Bibliometric analysis and mapping of the benefits and challenges of cloud ERP systems. Istanbul Business Research, 52(2), 301-325.