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Enhancing reading strategies through literature selection in EFL classrooms
(CV. Yudhistt Fateeh, 2024-04) Durak, Ayşegül; Yavuz, Fatih; 392831; 131069
This study presents a detailed examination of how to enhance reading strategies with selected literary genres using the library research method. In addition to library resources, the information collection process has been monitored through various academic publications, articles and books, the data obtained has been analysed and the results have been evaluated. Discovering the efficacy of authentic texts demonstrates that it enhances reading comprehension and fosters the abilities of learners. The study also identifies key strategies such as skimming, scanning, guessing, and distinguishing implied and literal meaning strategies. These techniques play a significant role in learners’ capability of understanding authentic text. Drawing on theoretical frameworks, the study underscores the importance of integrating the strategies mentioned above into teaching reading to enrich deeper understanding and critical engagement with literature. As a result, using the selected strategies and literary sources can effectively equip EFL learners to understand the unknown parts of complex texts. Language acquisition and proficiency improvement in authentic text are facilitated by navigating.
For kids short plays 1
(Nerka Grup, 2024-04) Mustafa, Esma; 392828
"Short Plays -1" is a captivating drama book designed for children. Featuring plays derived from classical stories and comic scenarios, the book serves as a valuable tool to encourage students in learning English through a communicative approach. Each play typically involves 4 or 5 characters, allowing for active participation from the entire class. Beyond linguistic development, the book creates a supportive environment, fostering self-reflection without fear. At the conclusion of each play, thought-provoking questions engage students in an enjoyable manner. Importantly, the plays convey meaningful lessons, reminding readers of the virtues of kindness, helpfulness, and hard work. "Short Plays" thus not only enhances language skills but also instills important values in an entertaining and interactive format.
Çocuklar için kısa oyunlar 1
(Nerka Grup, 2024-04) Mustafa, Esma; 392828
"Kısa Oyunlar-1" çocuklar için tasarlanmış büyüleyici bir drama kitabıdır. Klasik öykülerden ve komik senaryolardan türetilmiş oyunlar içeren kitap, öğrencileri iletişimsel bir yaklaşımla İngilizce öğrenmeye teşvik etmek için değerli bir araç olarak hizmet eder. Her oyun tipik olarak 4 veya 5 karakter içerir ve tüm sınıfın aktif katılımına izin verir. Kitap, dilsel gelişimin ötesinde, destekleyici bir ortam yaratarak korkusuzca kendi kendine düşünmeyi teşvik eder. Her oyunun sonunda, düşündürücü sorular öğrencileri eğlenceli bir şekilde meşgul eder. Daha da önemlisi, oyunlar okuyuculara nezaket, yardımseverlik ve sıkı çalışmanın erdemlerini hatırlatarak anlamlı dersler veriyor. "Kısa Oyunlar" böylece sadece dil becerilerini geliştirmekle kalmıyor, aynı zamanda önemli değerleri eğlenceli ve interaktif bir formatta aşılıyor.
Hope and psychological resilience in primary caregivers of patients with a chronic mental illness followed in a community mental health center
(Elsevier, 2024-03) Erkuş, Şeyma; Babacan Gümüş, Aysun; 372023
Purpose: The aim of this study is to examine hope and psychological resilience in primary caregivers of patients with a chronic mental illness. Design and methods: The descriptive study was conducted on 297 caregivers in community mental health centers in Turkey. Data were collected using the Introductory Information Form, Dispositional Hope Scale and the Resilience Scale for Adults. Findings: Hope and psychological resilience of primary caregivers of patients with a chronic mental illness were moderate. To sociodemographic and caregiver characteristics; caregivers who are over 40 years old, lost his/her spouse, low education level, housewife or retired, unemployed, who evaluated their incomes low, mother, living in the same house with the patient, caring for ten years or more, caring for another patient and not getting help in care had lower hope and resilience levels. Compared to patients with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, caregivers of patients with schizophrenia had lower hope and psychological resilience levels. Conclusions: Primary caregivers of patients with a chronic mental illness should be supported in terms of hope and psychological resilience.
The effect of different bed head angles on the hemodynamic parameters of intensive care patients lying in the supine position: a quasi-experimental study
(Wiley, 2024-02) Yiğit Avcı, Şenay; Yılmaz, Dilek; 397256
Aims: The aim of this study was to research the effect of different bed head angles on the hemodynamic parameters of intensive care patients lying in the supine position. Methods: This study was a non-randomized and non-controlled, quasiexperimental repeated measures study. The study was conducted with 50 intensive care patients aged 18 and over in a general surgery intensive care unit in Turkey. With each patient in the supine position, the bed head was raised to an angle of 0°, 20°, 30°, and 45° without a pillow, and the hemodynamic parameters of central venous pressure, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and peripheral oxygen saturation were recorded after 0 and 10 min. Results: It was found that the mean central venous pressure value measured at min 0 and 10 was higher when the intensive care patients' bed head angle was raised to 45° than when the bed head was at an angle of 0° or 20° (p < .05). It was found that the patients' other hemodynamic parameters were not affected by different bed head angles. Conclusions: It was concluded as a result of this research that in intensive care patients in the supine position, only central venous pressure was affected by bed head angle, and that central venous pressure measurement can be reliably made at a bed head angle of 30°.