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Fashioning the self in Jean Rhys’s voyage in the dark and good morning, midnight
(Çankaya Üniversitesi, 2024-04) Koç, Nesrin; 13778
Jean Rhys held a deep passion for fashion and stylish attire. Her perspective on fashion, as an instrument of adopting “a second skin” finds expression in her focus on fashioning the self, a recurring motif in Rhys’s oeuvre. The physical difficulty Rhys’s female characters, whose lives bear strong similarities to her own, have in obtaining fashionable clothes represents the broader struggles they go through as the objects of the patriarchal and colonial gaze, in their voyages through the physical and metaphorical darkness of urban spaces like Paris and London in the early 1900s. Focusing on two of these women, Anna of Voyage in the Dark and Sasha in Good Morning, Midnight, for whom fashionable clothing appears to be the only way of navigating the modern society which marginalizes them, this study explores Rhys’s multilayered portrayal of fashion as a reflection of the near impossibility of attaining a cohesive sense of self, mirroring the characters’ struggles in fashioning their inner and outer selves.
Utilizing large language models for EFL essay grading: an examination of reliability and validity in rubric-based assessments
(Wiley, 2024-05) Yavuz, Fatih; Çelik, Özgür; Yavaş Çelik, Gamze; 131069
This study investigates the validity and reliability of generative large language models (LLMs), specifically ChatGPT and Google's Bard, in grading student essays in higher education based on an analytical grading rubric. A total of 15 experienced English as a foreign language (EFL) instructors and two LLMs were asked to evaluate three student essays of varying quality. The grading scale comprised five domains: grammar, content, organization, style & expression and mechanics. The results revealed that fine-tuned ChatGPT model demonstrated a very high level of reliability with an intraclass correlation (ICC) score of 0.972, Default ChatGPT model exhibited an ICC score of 0.947 and Bard showed a substantial level of reliability with an ICC score of 0.919. Additionally, a significant overlap was observed in certain domains when comparing the grades assigned by LLMs and human raters. In conclusion, the findings suggest that while LLMs demonstrated a notable consistency and potential for grading competency, further fine-tuning and adjustment are needed for a more nuanced understanding of non-objective essay criteria. The study not only offers insights into the potential use of LLMs in grading student essays but also highlights the need for continued development and research.
Enhancing reading strategies through literature selection in EFL classrooms
(CV. Yudhistt Fateeh, 2024-04) Durak, Ayşegül; Yavuz, Fatih; 392831; 131069
This study presents a detailed examination of how to enhance reading strategies with selected literary genres using the library research method. In addition to library resources, the information collection process has been monitored through various academic publications, articles and books, the data obtained has been analysed and the results have been evaluated. Discovering the efficacy of authentic texts demonstrates that it enhances reading comprehension and fosters the abilities of learners. The study also identifies key strategies such as skimming, scanning, guessing, and distinguishing implied and literal meaning strategies. These techniques play a significant role in learners’ capability of understanding authentic text. Drawing on theoretical frameworks, the study underscores the importance of integrating the strategies mentioned above into teaching reading to enrich deeper understanding and critical engagement with literature. As a result, using the selected strategies and literary sources can effectively equip EFL learners to understand the unknown parts of complex texts. Language acquisition and proficiency improvement in authentic text are facilitated by navigating.
For kids short plays 1
(Nerka Grup, 2024-04) Mustafa, Esma; 392828
"Short Plays -1" is a captivating drama book designed for children. Featuring plays derived from classical stories and comic scenarios, the book serves as a valuable tool to encourage students in learning English through a communicative approach. Each play typically involves 4 or 5 characters, allowing for active participation from the entire class. Beyond linguistic development, the book creates a supportive environment, fostering self-reflection without fear. At the conclusion of each play, thought-provoking questions engage students in an enjoyable manner. Importantly, the plays convey meaningful lessons, reminding readers of the virtues of kindness, helpfulness, and hard work. "Short Plays" thus not only enhances language skills but also instills important values in an entertaining and interactive format.
Çocuklar için kısa oyunlar 1
(Nerka Grup, 2024-04) Mustafa, Esma; 392828
"Kısa Oyunlar-1" çocuklar için tasarlanmış büyüleyici bir drama kitabıdır. Klasik öykülerden ve komik senaryolardan türetilmiş oyunlar içeren kitap, öğrencileri iletişimsel bir yaklaşımla İngilizce öğrenmeye teşvik etmek için değerli bir araç olarak hizmet eder. Her oyun tipik olarak 4 veya 5 karakter içerir ve tüm sınıfın aktif katılımına izin verir. Kitap, dilsel gelişimin ötesinde, destekleyici bir ortam yaratarak korkusuzca kendi kendine düşünmeyi teşvik eder. Her oyunun sonunda, düşündürücü sorular öğrencileri eğlenceli bir şekilde meşgul eder. Daha da önemlisi, oyunlar okuyuculara nezaket, yardımseverlik ve sıkı çalışmanın erdemlerini hatırlatarak anlamlı dersler veriyor. "Kısa Oyunlar" böylece sadece dil becerilerini geliştirmekle kalmıyor, aynı zamanda önemli değerleri eğlenceli ve interaktif bir formatta aşılıyor.